Welcome to the metal artistry of Kenneth King!

Bowie Knives

Bowie Knives S Guard Bowie

Completely handcrafted by Kenneth King including fully forged damascus blade of 1095 carbon steel and pure nickel in a "sidewinder" pattern. Full tang handle has sterling silver scales, with 18kt gold, amethysts, diamonds, and sapphire accents. Bolster and pommel are set with silver pins and contain 18kt gold with amethyst accent. Blade is fullered and inlaid with 18kt gold pin stripe. Guard is hand forged from a solid silver ingot.

Length = 15 1/2"

Will make similiar knife - approximately $4500.00 depending on selections but NO DUPLICATES

Collectors Price = SOLD

Bowie Knives S Guard Bowie

Overall Length = 19 �" - Blade = 12 1/2 "

- Beautiful big Bowie with great balance and has a quick, light feel.

- Sole Authorship

- Handle = 1 piece wrapped full Tang - Alaskan Cracked Ice Mammoth Ivory handle - (has no dye - these are the natural colors of the ivory).

- S Guard - forged - 1018 Steel with running rope filework

- Blade - 5 bar lazy Turkish twist Damascus Steel Blade (1095 Steel, O1 Steel, and Nickel) - 300 layers

- Heavy Sterling Silver Bolster & Pommel with rope twist & filework.

- Black Jade Bullet on Pommel

- Back spine & Handle carved with running rope filework.

- Hot Salt (Gun) Blued

- 18Kt gold Screws

- Stand - hand made of Oak