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The Purple Heart - Short Sword

The Purple Heart - Short Sword The "Purple Heart" Story

The Purple Heart knife was made as a special tribute to the men and women of our military forces who have put themselves in harms way to protect our rights and freedoms. This knife was made solely by myself, it is entirely hand-crafted and took almost a year to complete.

The blade is made of 150 layers of high carbon steel and pure nickel. The contrasting colors symbolize the multi-cultural foundation of both our society and our military forces. This blade has 13 patterning folds which represent the 13 folds put into the flag at a military funeral. The blade is carved into a growing vine holding a fully formed gem amethyst. The heart and growing bud around it symbolize courage and sacrifice. The two open tendrils below it represent life and hope.

All other parts of this knife and it's stand were wrought from sterling silver (almost 2 pounds) and 18kt gold. These metals represent purity and strength. The forged silver guard stands for the protection our soldiers provide us.

The handle has 2 ferrules, made of 18kt gold mokume in yellow, red and white. These three colors symbolize the physical, emotional, and spiritual sacrifices our soldiers must make to do their job. The handle has 3 groups of six white gold rosettes set with diamonds. These groups of six represent the 6 branches of our military, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Department of Defense. They are set with diamonds to symbolize ultimate strength and toughness.

The orb on the end of the handle symbolizes the world, with a band of 18kt gold with 6 rosettes set with diamonds symbolizing our global military presence. The 3 amethyst rounds represent God, Country, and Family. The pommel cap in 18kt gold is surrounded by a wreath of 21 pave' set diamonds representing the 21 shots fired in a soldier's final honor guard salute. The presentation grade fluted mother-of-pearl in the handle symbolizes heaven and eternal peace.

"To the brave men and women of our military, past and present, I give you my thanks."

Short Sword - 21" long